Welcome! My name is Esther van Leeuwen. I am a psychological researcher working at the department of social and organisational psychology of Leiden University, the Netherlands.

I consider myself  a social psychologist with a special interest in organisational topics. Although all of my research aims to contribute to the advancement of theory and knowledge of basic intra- and intergroup processes, without exception all my research projects are also of direct relevance for organisational functioning. Please check my Research interests and Publications pages for more information about my current and past research projects.

Although I have always been interested in applying academic knowledge to real (organisational) settings, this interest has recently taken concrete shapes by way of two books that I am writing. These projects are described on the Books page.

I have taught a variety of theoretical and practical courses in both Bachelor’s and Master’s in psychology programmes. More information about the courses I have taught can be found on the Teaching page. Under PhD students, you will find an overview of my current and past graduate students.

I am associate editor for the British Journal of Social Psychology since 2012. I have also served on the governing board of ASPO, the Dutch association for social psychologists, since 2010, and am secretary as of March 2013.

Feel free to contact me at E.A.C.van.Leeuwen@fsw.leidenuniv.nl.