PhD students


I am currently co-promotor of two PhD students: Katherina Alvarez, and Bramesada Prasastyoga.

With financial support from NWO, Katherina Alvarez, MSc, Prof. Mark van Vugt and I are looking into the social and psychological consequences of receiving welfare support among Spanish and Indigenous Panamanians.

Bramesada Prasastyoga started his PhD in February 2016. Supported by a fellowship from LPDP, he is investigating the role of empowerment in the growth of micro and small enterprises in Indonesia. He is co-supervised by Fieke Harinck.


With financial support from Nuffic, Ali Mashuri, and I studied the social psychological determinants and consequences of separatism conflict in Indonesia. Ali successfully defended his dissertation, titled ‘Dealing with separatism conflict in Indonesia: Examining an interactive model of conflict de-escalation and resolution’, on 10 April 2019. His promotor was Prof. M. van Vugt.

Supported by a fellowship from LPDP, Omar Burhan, MSc, Daan Scheepers, and I investigated the effects of nepotism in organisational contexts. Omar successfully defended his dissertation, titled ‘Nepotism’, on 7 October 2020. His promotor was Prof. D. Scheepers.

Dr. Margreet Reitsma-van Rooijen successfully defended her dissertation, titled ‘Consequences of the Linguistic Intergroup Bias: Investigation of emotional, motivational, and behavioural consequences of linguistic variations in communication’, on 14th February 2008. She was supervised by Prof. Gün Semin (promotor) and myself (co-promotor).

I was also the primary advisor and co-promotor for Dr. Petra Hopman, who succesfully defended her dissertation, titled ‘Group members reflecting on intergroup relations’, on 1st October 2010. Her promotor was Prof. Paul van Lange.