PhD students

With financial support from NWO, Katherina Alvarez looked into the social and psychological consequences of receiving welfare support among Spanish and Indigenous Panamanians. Katherina successfully defended her PhD thesis, titled ‘The psychological impact of aid: Receiving autonomy-oriented help to reduce social inequality’ on 12 July 2021. Her promotor was Prof. Mark van Vugt.

Supported by a fellowship from LPDP, Bramesada Prasastyoga investigated the role of empowerment in the growth of micro and small enterprises. On 18 February 2021, Bramesada successfully defended his PhD thesis, titled ‘Consequences of reward-oriented motivation and security-oriented motivation for business growth motivation among small business owners’. He was co-supervised by Fieke Harinck and his promotor was Prof. C.K.W. de Dreu.

Supported by a fellowship from LPDP, Omar Burhan, MSc, Daan Scheepers, and I investigated the effects of nepotism in organisational contexts. Omar successfully defended his dissertation, titled ‘Nepotism’, on 7 October 2020. His promotor was Prof. D. Scheepers.

With financial support from Nuffic, Ali Mashuri, and I studied the social psychological determinants and consequences of separatism conflict in Indonesia. Ali successfully defended his dissertation, titled ‘Dealing with separatism conflict in Indonesia: Examining an interactive model of conflict de-escalation and resolution’, on 10 April 2019. His promotor was Prof. M. van Vugt.

Dr. Margreet Reitsma-van Rooijen successfully defended her dissertation, titled ‘Consequences of the Linguistic Intergroup Bias: Investigation of emotional, motivational, and behavioural consequences of linguistic variations in communication’, on 14th February 2008. She was supervised by Prof. Gün Semin (promotor) and myself (co-promotor).

I was also the primary advisor and co-promotor for Dr. Petra Hopman, who succesfully defended her dissertation, titled ‘Group members reflecting on intergroup relations’, on 1st October 2010. Her promotor was Prof. Paul van Lange.